We Have the Future in Our Hands; A Young Palestinian Christian’s Voice

If you ask me about one thing that I have done in my life that I am most proud of, I would say—that day! The day I stood on the Christ at the Checkpoint stage with three inspiring friends, in front of hundreds of people, and telling them how this conference had changed my life, while also encouraging the upcoming generation to do something for their homeland.  At that moment, as I spoke for my people, I realized that this country of conflicts and war has become my favorite place on earth!  It is my honor to defend a nation that everybody else is abandoning.

The love of my homeland was rooted in my heart since I was a little girl. Becoming a believer in Jesus Christ was the hardest part of my Palestinian identity.  As I understood it, being a Christian meant not talking about any kind of politics. Furthermore, as I read the Old Testament, it made me want to refuse God and my Christian faith.   If God wanted the Jews to have the land (the land that belongs to my family) over my people’s dead bodies, destroyed homes and uprooted olive trees, I didn’t want that God anymore!  I was confused between my Christianity and my feelings of patriotism--until Christ at the Checkpoint conference came to life.

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