Closing night at Christ at the Checkpoint emphasizes repentance and action

“What now?” That question was on the mind of many delegates as they entered the closing session of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference on Thursday evening, March 10. The last four days had been full of challenging and perplexing presentations on religious extremism, especially as it related to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The evening was designed for inner reflection and calls to action. Following a time of worship led by musicians from Bethlehem Bible College, the conference’s resident poet Lucy Berry offered a set of poems, some inspired by the sessions of the previous days. Her final poem, “The Lion Lay Down with the Lamb,” imagined a day when individuals and nations actually owned up to the violence and injustice they had inflicted on others:

The Arabs and the Jews said:

The Christians and the Muslims said:

The black people and the white people said:

“That is enough now. I want to find out who you are.”

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